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Why is this club invitation only?

Sex and sexual exploration is  a very personal and private matter. It’s very important to us that our club members feel safe and protected and in the company of respectful playmates. Personal referrals are the most effective way of achieving this type of environment.


If it’s invitation only, why do you have an application?

From time to time, we understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to know someone in Sex Club Boston. Therefore we do often open our club to new members dependent on the application and screening process.  If we feel you will fit in with our club and bring something exciting to the table, you will be invited to an event with us as your referral.


What are parties like?

Parties are generally located at four or five star hotel on Saturday nights.  Sometimes members meet before for drinks or dinner. Some just come for the good stuff. Parties tend to be laid back, 10+ people, good conversation if desired; good sex.


What kind of people can join?

Anyone really! We are a very open minded group. We only insist that people are respectful, clean and safe. Most of our members are attractive, healthy, educated and friendly.


Do you accept solo males?

Yes. However, we try to keep our events well balanced. So we are selective about which solo males we accept.


What are the ratios like (Males / Females / Couples):

We try to keep events balanced in terms of attendance, depending on the guest list, event type and interest.


Do you allow BDSM / Bi-sexuality / etc.?

We pretty much allow anything. We are all consenting adults. As long as you are comfortable with a situation as well as your participating member(s), then it is fine with us. Always remember we are founded on respect and safety. If someone says “No” or “I’m not comfortable with that” or even indicates they are not interested, respect them and move on.

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