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It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to give us information about yourself without knowing something about us.

About Us

Our names are Sean and Natasha. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for about six years. We are in our 30’s and we work hard to keep fit. Sean is an engineer and Natasha is a doctor. We genuinely believe that there is a strong need for an adult society in the New England area that enables adults to spend quality time with each other as well as have a sexual openness among the group.

Our sexuality (as adults) is something that defines the core of what we are as adults once we have gone through puberty and we feel that aspect should be embraced as much as any other aspect of our humanity. We strive to provide a quality atmosphere and group of people that we can explore all aspects of our adult humanity with.

We strongly believe that privacy of ourselves and our members is paramount and the safety (physical and emotional) of our group is also just as important. We will never ask any of our members to do anything that we would not be willing to do ourselves.


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