Membership Dues

Parties are free, however SCB has a monthly (or annual) membership dues. The memberships fees pay for parties and maintenance of the club.


SCB was founded to be an exclusive, very discreet, invitation only adult social club. We welcome all races and body types and there is never any pressure. All of our members know that “No” means “No” and we have strict guidelines for treating each other appropriately. We welcome newcomers to the lifestyle and will gladly meetup to explain how it all works. We (the owners and club members) are seasoned swingers and enjoy what we do but of course all have personal lives outside of SCB.

Keep in mind, we are a selective Members Only Club, not your typical swinger club. That means we allow (select) singles and couples. People at our club go the whole gamut from Soft swap, full swap, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

What we are:

  • Real people looking for real, classy fun
  • Professionals, some of us are parents, some of us aren’t
  • Desiring discretion, but enjoying the lifestyle
  • Looking for social fun as well as sexual exploration
  • Creating high class fun in high class locations

What we aren’t:

  • Fake
  • Trying to make money from the club
  • Careless
  • Setting up ”cheap” locations with activities that aren’t thought out.

How We Work

• We are a floating club; This means that we meet regularly at several hotels in the area.

• We are very strict on our “invitation only” policy. If you do not actually know a member that can invite you, then you may fill out an application and request that we invite you.

• All potential members must be vetted in person at a Meet & Greet or with a private meeting with the owners before we will even consider inviting them to the club. Once you have been accepted, you will be given a link to create your profile and pay your dues. Then all you have to do is show up at the parties or events!

Membership Dues

We offer several options.

Note: Your dues will only be required if you are accepted to the club.

  • Couples – $10.00
  • Ladies – $1.50
  • Gentlemen – $18.00
  • Couples – $27.00
  • Ladies – $4.05
  • Gentlemen – $48.60
  • Couples – $110
  • Ladies – $10
  • Gentlemen – $180